School Health Information

When to Stay Home:
Students should remain home when running fever (100.1 or greater), suffering from diarrhea, or vomiting, among other illnesses. GCISD has a 24-hour return policy. Students may not return to school until free of fever, vomiting, and/or diarrhea for a minimum of 24 hours without the aid of any medication. If your student is sent home from school with fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, you must abide by the 24 hour policy, and remain home for a minimum of 24 hours after symptoms have subsided without the aid of medications. Other reasons your student should remain home/may be sent home are listed on the GCISD website Health Services page.

Medications at School:
If your child needs to keep medication in the clinic, please contact me, and I can make sure you have the correct forms to do so. If your child needs an EpiPen or medication for asthma, be sure to bring them in as soon as possible. If your child needs to take medication during the school day for a short time period, I can keep it in the clinic for 10 days or doses once I have the proper signed form. Students CANNOT keep medication in their backpacks or lunch boxes so please have them bring it to me.

Health History:
Please see me if your student has any food allergies or health conditions which would impact their learning or require assistance at school.

Classroom Snacks:
We are an “allergy aware” campus. Any food brought into the classroom has to be peanut/tree nut-free.

Educating Healthy Habits: Now is a great time to teach your students about healthy habits!
Avoidance of touching their face, use of tissues or the bend of their arm for coughing/sneezing, and how to properly wash their hands are all important lessons to teach your children. This will help diminish our level of illnesses during the school year. This is a great time to schedule your flu shot appointments.

It is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so please make sure your child eats breakfast every morning. If you are running late, a cereal bar in the car is fine. Breakfast is available in our cafeteria daily for $1.45 between 7:15-7:30. Kids can get headaches or stomachaches that are often caused by hunger.

Help your children get 9-10 hours of sleep each night. They are not able to learn as well when they do not get adequate sleep.

Screenings at School:
Campus screenings for vision and hearing will be completed in the fall for PK, KG, 1st, 3rd, 5th grade and all new to GCISD students.

Change of Clothing:
For the younger students, please place an extra set of seasonally appropriate clothing, including underwear, in your student’s backpack in case of an accident. The clinic has a limited supply of underwear and clothes. If clothing is unavailable, you will be called to bring clothes for your student.

For more information on health concerns on campus, please feel free to contact me.