Let's Talk

Students in 2nd-5th grade have the opportunity to scan a QR code to make an appointment to speak with the counselor.  Students can scan to see Mrs. King if they need help with a problem, if something is on their heart they would like to talk about, or if they have a celebration they would like to share.  During guidance lessons students have learned how to communicate with kindness and become great problem solvers for themselves.  Before they scan students are asked to:  
1.  Try to solve the problem themselves by communicating in a respectful way.
2.  If there is a problem with other students the classroom teacher needs to know about it so they can help with the problem.  Teachers are great problem solvers too!  
3.  If you have tried to solve the problem yourself and the teacher knows about the situation, scan to see Mrs. King!  

*Students are not pulled during instruction time.  Due to scheduling conflicts it may take a few days for Mrs. King to pull the student for their chat.  If it is a situation that needs to be handled immediately teachers or parents can notify Mrs. King through phone call or email.