History of Bransford Elementary

Around 1870 Felix G. Bransford opened a General Store close to the intersection of present day Glade Road and Colleyville Boulevard. When the CottonBelt railroad came through nearby Red Rock in 1888, that community took the Bransford name and the older settlement vanished. Bransford ironically never had its own school. On August 18, 1993 Bransford Elementary opened its doors.The original 62,500-square-foot facility had capacity for 650 students and was the eighth elementary and thirteenth campus in GCISD.The name Bransford was put back on the map and back to life.

A few years later BES would expand to keep up with need of the growing enrollment. Added were what is now the 5th grade wing, science lab, restrooms and other classrooms. Bransford Elementary was the first school in the district to be named under new guidelines involving more public participation in name selection. Through recommendations by individuals and community groups, several possible names were identified by the GCISD Citizens Advisory Committee and forwarded to the school board. The finalists included Glade, Liberty, Cardinal, and Carolyn Frank elementary schools.