I am beyond excited to be a Bransford Texan!  While this is my first year teaching PPCD at Bransford, I have 12 years experience teaching PPCD and I have substituted in GCISD  for 10 years, as well as teaching Child Development and Education classes at TCC while raising my own 2 daughters.

In our Pre-K/PPCD classrooms we always integrated the arts!  We use art and dramatic play in our classrooms on a daily basis for child learning.  If you come into our classroom, you will see these things in action as we have fun and learn.  We know that young children learn best through play and so the arts are integrated in all of our play!  I love children's music artists Greg and Steve and their music can be heard in our room every day!  They bring such a fun vibe to children's songs.   You will also see our students playing out different roles in our Dramatic Play center.  Your child will explore roles of being a parent, different community helpers, hairdressers, construction workers, cowboys and girls as well as many other roles.  In early childhood, I believe art should be about the student's experiencing and playing with different mediums.  It is not about the end product, it is about the process your child uses to create their masterpieces.  I want to foster a love of the arts, not fear it, as I did because I didn't feel like I was "good" at it.  So look for your child's creative work and don't be surprised if it doesn't look anything you might recognize.  We have FUN with the Arts!