speaker talking in front of kids with a presentation in the classroom, the children are sitting on the floor

On March 31, Bransford Elementary School hosted its spring annual career fair day, where numerous businesses and professional leaders throughout the DFW metroplex were invited to visit and share with students what they do for a living. Occupations from aerospace to the medical industry were in attendance.

Counselor Heather Perkins, who helped coordinate the event, said, “It is our hope that students will hear about careers that interest students, spark their curiosity, and drive them to make strong choices in school to work toward their desired career in the future.”

One guest speaker was Justin Henry, the director of development for the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation.

“I love giving kids the opportunity to hear a little bit more about different jobs that are out there in the world,” Henry said.

Henry’s presentation covered what working in the sports industry can look like off the field.

“To show them that there are opportunities in sports and to educate them about careers that they might not even know of is what I want to show them. You don’t just have to be a baseball player. There are many different ways you can help other people.” Henry added.

Even though choosing a career path is not necessarily the first thing a young student would have on their mind, this year's event has hopefully planted that new idea and inspired BES students to pursue a dream.