Ashley Benson, GCISD Elementary Teacher of the Year

Ashley Benson, GCISD Elementary Teacher of the Year who teaches music at Bransford Elementary, was named one of the 10 “best of” essay award winners at the Region 11 Teacher of the Year Awards Banquet August 1. 

As part of the Teacher of the Year competition at the regional level, Teachers of the Year are required to submit their resumes describing their educational history and professional development. In addition, they are asked to write their own professional biography as well as five essays detailing:

  • a defining lesson they have developed;

  • a special project or initiative they have participated in that creates school culture;

  • an example of how they connect students to the community;

  • how they have grown as a leader and learner as a result of being an advocate; and

  • their message/platform should they be selected as the National Teacher of the Year.

Of the 88 Teachers of the Year representing 46 school districts in Region 11, Benson won in the “Project/Initiative Essay” category. She described Bransford’s Piano Lab, which is part of the school’s arts integration program.

The Piano Lab curriculum, which she developed, meets the needs of students of different ability levels from students who are brand new to piano to those taking private lessons. Students are able to work independently, while she works with individual students. 

“Being able to hear my students individually has made a huge difference in not only their learning, but in our teacher/student relationships as well,” Benson said. “Just having a small amount of time with each student makes a world of difference.”

Congratulations to Ashley Benson, a Region 11 Teacher of the Year “best of” essay award winner!